Space Maintainer

Space Maintainer

What is it?

  • Baby teeth are important because they help to guide the adult teeth that follow into the correct position.
  • If baby teeth are lost way ahead of schedule, the remaining teeth can shift causing the adult teeth to be crowded or to erupt in the wrong position (see below).
  • The space maintainer helps to prevent this shifting.
  • It holds the space open for the adult tooth.

How will my child feel?

  • In the beginning, the space maintainer can be uncomfortable and can affect speech.
  • However, your child will get used to it within a few days and will eventually forget about it.

How do we take care of it?

  • Brush your child’s teeth regularly.
  • Avoid sticky, chewy candy and bubblegum.
  • Don’t push with tongue or with fingers as it may bend and come loose.
  • Keep your hygiene appointments so that we may check your child’s oral health and the space maintainer.