Dental Cleanings

Professional Cleanings At Worcester Kids’ Dentist

Why Are Professional Cleanings So Important?

The top two reasons adults lose teeth are cavities and gum disease. That is why, on top of a good dental hygiene routine, regular professional cleanings are so crucial. Even the best daily brushing and flossing won’t get rid of every bit of plaque between teeth and along the gum lines. That plaque can eventually harden into tartar. Professional cleaning is the only way to remove that tartar. Removing it will help to keep your child’s health in good condition.

How Often Should my child Come In For Cleanings?

In general, your child should have a checkup and cleaning twice a year. However, some kids may need to come in more often. For example kids in braces that are having trouble keeping their teeth clean may need to come in for more frequent cleanings. This is because kids undergoing orthodontic treatment tend to have a higher risk of developing cavities and gum disease.

Schedule Your Child’s Next Cleaning With Worcester Kids’ Dentist Dentist

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